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"Follow Me" - The Next Affiliate Program?

Posted By Str82u on Saturday 20 March 2010
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How about advertising a company's social profile rather than for a service or product directly? Aside from the fact that becoming a "Fan" or "Follower" creates an open channel between Big Boss Electronics and Average Joe Consumer, if users show a tendency toward increased loyalty through spending and personally endorsing the companies they are socially networked with, what's it's worth to businesses to have users click their social icon rather than pull out a wallet if it makes that one and possibly many other wallets more accessible in the future?

A WebProNews article Brands On Facebook And Twitter Favored By Consumers compares results of both network's users to direct questions rather than actual studies of people's habits without them knowing. That's "Coming soon to a browser helper near you". What the author discusses and brings up to the reader is certainly cause for reconsidering your blank page space and how you can add color and character to a website while still marketing.... Click Here For More ...

Changing Domains

Posted By I Have You Admin on Wednesday 03 March 2010
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Over the last few weeks we worked to obtain a new .com TLD for a .net domain/website that is doing very well and becoming popular and relevant to common searches. The new location, has been live for nearly one week at this writing and had begun showing indexed pages and hopefully SERPs of it's own soon.

On the subject of moving a website from one domain to another, here are a few of the steps we took, some of which are found using Google's help section inside webmaster tools.... Click Here For More ... is now STR82U.COM

Posted By I Have You Admin on Wednesday 03 March 2010
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After nearly 10 years of being, the website was moved overnight to it's permenant home; STR82U.COM ( The .com extention has been reserved for this purpose twice; inexperience and poor management caused the (.com) domain to fall into the hands of "squatters" who eventually profitted $500 from that mistake. After a period of parking, and a few ideas for different concepts being entertained, the decision to upgrade TLDs was only natural and fair to a faithful website and companion. has been successful in a niche marketing based on the keyphrase "free people search", none as much as county jails and inmate search, which actually started out as a dispute due to more unwise decisions. The site itself has been a test subject for beta trials and experiments in search engine optimization before being placed on "Dont Screw This Up" status early in 2007. Design and layout upgrades were also considered but put on hold pending the transition; opting to keep differences to a minimum now and risk mistakes later.

As a goal, the site's growth and development as a narrow subject directory is a possibility, reaching a larger audience to share a resource that equally benefits the user and designer/developer . Other web properties spawned by the original site includes our personal seo tools used in search engine optimization and a directory in progress that we hope to have as much pride in as we do STR82U, now with dot com goodness.

Keep it Str8!
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Website Housekeeping

Posted By Str82u on Thursday 04 February 2010
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Cleaning code is good SEO. Can it be bad? After doing terrible things to good domains just to see how it happens, I'm sure there's an "SEO Dossier" with "reseller rights" that describes this in technical detail. For now all we're working with is experience and the money saved. There's a key word method we'll share toward the end that compliments any housekeeping.

When trying to improve your page rank and placement, you would expect the only adverse effects of cleaning code might be the newness of the page on the server. That's a basic philosophy for our aged html. There aren't going to be specific references on this page, if you work with source and haven't experienced something like this, think about it. Humanizing searchbots while you're reading this might lend perspective to our conclusions which influences our intuitive design over basic programming priciples.

Reformatting and cleaning html from a 111kb file dropped it to 12kb. (short blip, read at the bottom) It was the first time to get a Google top ten homepage on purpose. What are you going to do now? Start cleaning up source on ALL your sites so you can go to Disney! But WAIT! There's more. Same site and an enormous in-page JavaScript for making banners slide down a page. Making money on this until an email from AdSense made us rethink/recode and that made another improvement. Speed, right? (CTR oddly improved too).

NOW we really had a plan. Remove the slider code from another popular site, reformat the html and make money. LOL, really loud! Sadly, this time the result so negative it was HEART CRUSHING, disappearing from hundreds of Google SERPs within the month. DEAD! Yahoo resurrected it later where it's successful today, but how can removing a large portion of JAVASCRIPT of all things cause that?

THERE'S THE POINT: The AdSense code was originally in a div at the bottom of the source where it was the last thing the spider saw. When the ad script was written to an adjoining cell of the "main attraction", the content had changed. Not visibly, but to the search engine's ability to assume what people see. Not going to try an make a theory out of this, we did this. Do what ever it takes to get the visible content as close to the head as possible. If you have an expanding menu, WE BELIEVE it's interpreted as being a solid object your users have to scroll through to get to what they came for. If you have in-line styles, nested anything or out of place scripts directly after your bodytag, get rid of it or reposition it with CSS. In regards to nested tables, too many sites were done with in this fashion when padding is all that's neccessary.

Summery: Make sure search engines get meat and potatoes first when they hit your plate, serve the sweet stuff once they fill up. Want an example. Most any page, search bar and top float from the bottom. View source and you'll see content right away.

Here's that tip for writing the hyperlink. If it's a good phrase, hit the return/enter key to begin the text against the left margin. Doesn't work when we coded any page like that exclusively. It's not human/software interaction natural. Other times we'll break the text of a link to place the keyPARTS on the margin.

Keep it Str8!

PS From the top: was originally on a big messy php CMS but looked good to me and at the time, it jaust HAD to go back to .html format. "View Source", it became a really huge file. Eventually it came down to taking out all the redundant references to the database, css and all. The total added by automation was about 100kb and averaged around 50kb for most pages. Days after, one phrase went from page 10 to 4 and another appeared from nowhere at #4 and believe it or not, another site followed the same term when it got reformatted. This made more money than my three sons working in a lumber yard. Thanks for sticking with me down here.
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