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Stop Losing To Invalid Clicks

Posted By JanetWeasel on Saturday 13 June 2009
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After fighting the urge to improve, it finally comes down to facing the beast and replacing a few links that don't go to valid advertisers pages anymore and actually find links for the pages that have none. The changes themselves aern't the hard part, it's going through the advertisers catalog to find relevant links for each of the unique pages. One of the last changes made to this site were updating the search box advertisment, it seemed that changing a large quantity of pages at once may have caused a temporary dip in popularity, so this time the changes will be made and uploaded a few pages at a time.

Tracking the links was easy enough and from a couple angles. One is from the current third party advertiser of the products, the other is installed, AXS Visitor Tracking. The outgoing links are tagged with a string that leads through the tracking script and is one of the few uses this script has of this kind. It does not track forms at all. The tracking also shows other popular pages needing to be varified for correct advertising content.

This project does have a common theme outside of the advertiser being the same, the links are mostly to vital records of some sort or complete collections of data for each of the individual states. Basically, a search run on the advertiser for the name of each state usually gives a list long enough to find what fits the page.

My Website Can Beat Your Website

Posted By I Have You Admin on Sunday 24 May 2009
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ihaveyounow-brute.gifAfter getting sidetracked from real research and finding several unrelated pages, a cute but irresistible challenge appears on one. "Fight My Brute". After accepting the invitation, the link goes to the site, where you can become a big-eyed, youthful warrior fighting others in an arena without any skill on your part. The only user controls are the appearance of your character and when and who you fight. Once you choose an opponent, the site and fate determines what seems to be a random outcome based on the strengths and weapons your Brute has collected or earned from previous fights.

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Mods and Mistakes Under Development

Posted By Str82u on Tuesday 05 May 2009
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Due to an advertiser switch, at the advertiser's level, we have the "opportunity" to open a lot of sites in the editor and do a regular update while adding or fixing some of the things mentioned in our articles (and some that weren't) while swapping out ad code. The way the older sites were designed and built originally, and tweaked as such, there is alot that needs done to some. Keeping notes is about the ony way to keep the head screwed on straight if you happen to be a one man show in a 3 ring circus and you know there should be more things going on in the background of a site than is visible in html output if you want to understand how your sites are doing. Analytics is a big one considering you can track advertising and server logs to compare raw traffic. It's safe to say that we are going to tweak something on the inside and outside, and tweaking isn't just the bad, but the good and indifferent.It can cost you money but will teach you something one way or another... painfully at time$. The lesson: Don't edit and reedit content obsessively, it doesn't allow enough time to see results in search engines. If you can't do that, keep reminders of what you did and refer to it before stumbling in the dark again. How Many Extras Made The List
  • Added a new company to the Competitive Ad FIlter for all sites at Adsense. Check earnings over the next 7 days for reductions.Already showing promise after only half a day!
  • Change last phrase in homepage back to original. Original version of header was there, need to figure that out and decide on a previous modification to retry instead.
  • Something about findpeoplefree makes CTR and Conversions higher with half the traffic. Gotta feed people to this site!
Code change for Reunion to MyLife searchbox: - Also added Analytics banner code findpeoplefree freepeoplesearch - also added Analytics code realfreesearches - changed Str82u - [i]changed code on index.htm, county jail, prison and courtcaserecord pages[i]Run form tests Waiting, waiting... Backups Done 051909

Steps To Create Niche Pages

Posted By Str82u on Tuesday 24 March 2009
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Making money on the internet is not only possible, but it's happening right now. Doing this requires only a few things once the subject of the website is decided.

1. Choose the subject matter, something the site owner or author can relate to by experience and/or knowledge.

2. Click Here To Use A Keyword Tool to find the most searched terms that include the most specific term. "Free People Search", "People Search" and "Search" are results when typing in the word "search".

3.Find a web host ahead of time to get the name servers in case the domain registration asks where the website for the domain name will be located.

4. Get a domain that includes the descriptive words or phrase you want to focus on, it's the very first SEO trick you use. If "Left Handed Smoke Sifter" is searched more than "Smoke Sifter", you should consider selling or advertising them the left handed version with

5. Click Here For A Page Rank Checker . Collect relevant links by searching for the more popular and well established sites. If you find another page in the same site that is more popular than the home, or index page, link to it as long as it isn't misleading. Try to include any keyword that happens to be in the page title to build stronger links or decide between two equally ranked pages if the opportunity presents itself.

6. Name the page using the keyword or a phrase you want to target and that describes the page the best. A niche page is highly focused to appear on the first page of search engine results for a common word or phrase that is typed into a searchbox by unrelated users, Getting people traffic to visit your website(s) is the most common and desirable way to target people who want or need the content to keep people coming back, they might become conversions or contributors that add to the value of the website. provide repeat opportunities for advertising or offers that pay you for clicks or visitor actions. Keywords can give you more power by linking to other websites that are related, using the text people commonly type into a search box. on what people search for related to a subject that rank highest in actual monthly searches. Keywords mp3 has a small number of searches per month, but having enough like that in a category there is a greater chance to become popular when there little or weak competition.
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