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New Value Of Facebook After IPO

Posted By Str82u on Wednesday 30 May 2012
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Facebook is now worth about $112 Billion making it more valuable than many large brick and mortar companies in America. When asked about the found fortune and the effects of becoming a publicly traded company, the head of the billion dollar giant had this to say to the world. Right now this all seems like a big deal. Going public is an important milestone in our history. But here's the thing, our mission isn't to be a public company. Our mission is to make the world more open and connected, Zuckerberg said. In the past eight years, all of you out there have built the largest community in the history of the world. You done amazing things that we never would have dreamed of and I can't wait to see what you guys all do going forward.

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A New Look For Google Search Results?

Posted By Admin on Wednesday 08 June 2011
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A rearranged layout and cleaner appearance showed up in search results while using Internet Explorer Version 8 today that has the site URL cited underneath the Title Link. IE9 and other popular browsers still display the original SERP structure, with the site URL appearing in green across the bottom of the description.
Results with the site URL beneath the link, rather than description.

HTML5 and the new hyperlink

Posted By Str82u on Monday 28 March 2011
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You can use some of the tags now, rel='keyword'; they work without converting the to HTML5. The cooler new toy seems to be SIDEBAR. The A LINK rel='sidebar' opens a "favorites" dialog to add the link to favorites. It only works in HTML5 enabled browsers (Opera and Firefox and maybe the new IE9 if you're daring enough) and behaves as a normal hyperlink otherwise. HTML 5 is NOT STANDARD yet, you should read the specifications before you assume tags mean the same as before or what you think they mean. Refer to the differences between HTML and HTML5 to learn more.

Replace nofollow tags now (rel=nofollow) because it's definitely meant to specify PAID LINKS, telling search engines HOW MANY links a site is being compensated for. New keywords in rel= tags are contact, acquaintance and co-worker.

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It was officially announced that a recent change in the algorithm of Google's search is meant to determine original content sources and reduce search engine spam which is often the result of misused "Fair Use" regulations. In terms of fair use and distribution, bits of original content are all over the place that, in very rare cases, get reassembled in similar ways or are direct copies, copies that, due to some ranking advantage, got credit and traffic for the duplicated content. In past cases when a website has the right to use a portion of another's page(s) or use it as a basis for a new work and it happens to be a mega giant of pagerank, the more obscure of the two loses out, you know what happens. Many reputable sources report HUGE decrease in traffic.

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