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Search Engine Patience

Posted By I Have You Admin on Friday 02 January 2009
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Changes and updates take time in search engine land, in the back of your mind you know it and can see it in front of your eyes. It's easier to work on another site all together, just to keep your attention away from checking statitics constantly. If you have had that experience, then you understand the temptation to make constant changes.
For one, a site that constantly changes might not even show up for a particular keyphrase or keyword until it's SOLID!, trusted to be consistant that is. Try to give a website or page a couple weeks just to know, check your rankings, by hand if possible to see if there are changes, even moving up two pages from 89 to 68 is and improvement, but doon't gfool with anything until the site stops moving up. A common mistake made is to see a site moving up, then doing more SEO, only to halt progress of an increase in rankings. My experience with Yahoo has been like that, sites that got put on the way back burner for over a year finally start kicking up top 10 results for everything. So that site you have that is frustrating you today may be a cusion later down the road, but I'm not suggesting to ignore sites, but sometimes you can get overloaded and other oportunities for traffic have to be priority, especially if they put gas in the car and pay bills.

Getting the site started

Posted By I Have You Admin on Friday 02 January 2009
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Gonna start keeping track of what is done to sites and make notes about SEO trick experiments that we see results with and those we don't, as well as how it was done. Right now the site of focus is Bionic Domain, free people search, not quite 6 million dollars, but enough. There is the first trick mentioned on the site, backlinks, getting a link back to your site is important, I'll ramble about it periodically, maybe make a category for it eventually, there are enough things to do to generate back links that they can't all come to mind at once.
Enough of that, I may have to make a few more news items just to fill the main page, thanks and good hunting.

Adsense For Domains [Closed Program]

Posted By Str82u on Wednesday 31 December 1969
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Wanted to leave a reminder about AdSense for domains. This new ad option is suddenly available, a couple weeks ago, here it is, Google is giving me the landing page info and the ability to put it on all unused domains! Making money already in the last few days, going to add the rest of the unused domains, that's what this reminder is for.

The service lets you configure colors so you can control a little bit and play with reactions if you think it will keep you busy or teach something. The only other real option is keywords or keyphrases you want to associate with, up to four.

A group of idle domains are all successfully running over at Google, one that has been giving a bit of trouble is still not approved, but it should just be a matter of adjusting the domain records.

The real trick seemed to be modifying the domain records for A address and CNAME alias, not all registrars give access to it or for free, the server using web host manager gives access to modifying them on every domain. This also includes MX records for those interested in email services. After doing it a few times it gets easier. Going from changing nameservers, creating hosting, adding the domain to AdSense and finally editing DNS took under 10 minutes. Just Now! Of course, it isn't configured or live yet, verification is still pending, hopefully it will be by the next news post. OK, it's ready and live, all that in the time it took to spell chaeck and repost this.
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