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HTML5 and the new hyperlink

Posted By Str82u on Monday 28 March 2011
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You can use some of the tags now, rel='keyword'; they work without converting the to HTML5. The cooler new toy seems to be SIDEBAR. The A LINK rel='sidebar' opens a "favorites" dialog to add the link to favorites. It only works in HTML5 enabled browsers (Opera and Firefox and maybe the new IE9 if you're daring enough) and behaves as a normal hyperlink otherwise. HTML 5 is NOT STANDARD yet, you should read the specifications before you assume tags mean the same as before or what you think they mean. Refer to the differences between HTML and HTML5 to learn more.

Replace nofollow tags now (rel=nofollow) because it's definitely meant to specify PAID LINKS, telling search engines HOW MANY links a site is being compensated for. New keywords in rel= tags are contact, acquaintance and co-worker.

You can submit and view the approval, or acceptance, of new rel keywords at; some of the more interesting link rel extentions and their proposed uses being introduced are:
NOREFFERER - supposed to NOT send header information if the user clicks the link. SEARCH - specifies your site's search page. PREFETCH - what you say! Quoting, it "Specifies that the target resource should be preemptively cached". COLLEAGUE - probably the best, current bet for tagging back link partners that are related to your site.

Other relationship and familial extentions that appear to be accepted include; kin, sibling, parent (mom and dad), neighbor, date, sweetheart, crush, muse, co-resident and more; visit the official site, that list is long.

Finally, being a niche kind of site, we're trying to get a handle one rel keyword which is named TAG. The A link rel='tag' is like a referral, but in reverse. It depends on the link target to give value to the linked text, rather than traditionally vice-versa in which text of a hyperlink describes and adds value (or takes away value) to a site linked TO (like a referral). If this is a DOFOLLOW in reverse and the linked sites are good, you'll definitely want to use this as the "Bookmark" for outgoing links.

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