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New AdChoices labeling and behaviors

Posted By Str82u on Monday 21 March 2011
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With "Ads Choices", Google provides several tools for web users to opt out of interest and demographic advertising, view/add/remove the categories currently focused on them and even see details in the cookie used for tracking. AdChoices icon open with mouse hoverNew AdChoices icon on rich image AdSense unit On the other side of the coin, ad testing confirms mouseovers are being tested with ad units, but seem very limited. According to the official AdSense blog, the familiar "Ads by Google" will soon be replaced with a new "AdChoices" notice, label and icon which, when clicked, will take users to a page that explains the ads, online advertising and provides a link to the new options page.

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Running Google Ads

Posted By JanetWeasel on Saturday 03 January 2009
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Just got done setting up advertising FOR, the last site at this date to be completed, but still being tweaked. Competing for keywords is tough, but search engine advertising is a one good way to measure user response and how well your site or pages are optimized to compete against higher budget websites.

To start, only two ad groups were created, going after the obvious key phrases for the main page and specific ones for the white pages page, with a few extra variations suggested by the keyword tool. The maximum bids were 10¢ and daily budget set for $5 per group, $10 a day. That gives roughly, depending on the actual CPC, 50 clicks to see what's happening, close monitoring at first may help decide whether to through more money into it to get more input or to wait to try Monday morning. Experience has already shown the white pages ads can do well, but better on weekdays because of the demographics of weekday users.

Other things that will be watched on landing pages are click through rates for search boxes verses each other, text links and against banners along with conversion rates for those that pay commission. Changing the appearance of the primary money making affiliate programs will be done in A/B testing to get an increase in use and see if there are any differences in conversion rates.

So two text ads total for two separate campaigns at the momment with more to be added for each page and it's key words after posting this plus other copy changes for . The copy changes tested may be mentioned somewhere down the road, easier to show results than talk about it.

● Don't go overboard with adding too many keywords for each ad group, the keyword suggestion tool will help you thin out your list by showing the ones you are more likly to get higher placements for, target those.
● Conversions by the advertiser are not just up to them though, it's up to you to deliver qualified traffic.

Adsense For Domains [Closed Program]

Posted By Str82u on Wednesday 31 December 1969
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Wanted to leave a reminder about AdSense for domains. This new ad option is suddenly available, a couple weeks ago, here it is, Google is giving me the landing page info and the ability to put it on all unused domains! Making money already in the last few days, going to add the rest of the unused domains, that's what this reminder is for.

The service lets you configure colors so you can control a little bit and play with reactions if you think it will keep you busy or teach something. The only other real option is keywords or keyphrases you want to associate with, up to four.

A group of idle domains are all successfully running over at Google, one that has been giving a bit of trouble is still not approved, but it should just be a matter of adjusting the domain records.

The real trick seemed to be modifying the domain records for A address and CNAME alias, not all registrars give access to it or for free, the server using web host manager gives access to modifying them on every domain. This also includes MX records for those interested in email services. After doing it a few times it gets easier. Going from changing nameservers, creating hosting, adding the domain to AdSense and finally editing DNS took under 10 minutes. Just Now! Of course, it isn't configured or live yet, verification is still pending, hopefully it will be by the next news post. OK, it's ready and live, all that in the time it took to spell chaeck and repost this.
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