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Differences Between Google's Panda And Penguin

Posted By Str82u on Wednesday 30 May 2012
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After nearly a month after the introduction of Google refresh of the Panda algorithm and the introduction of a new one, later dubbed Penguin, trying to make a comparison of the two is tough because they were introduced almost simultaneously. When a site gets hit hard by algorithm changes what one sees and what one understands can be different. Algorithms can be constructed out of different conditions with rules, rules about rules, and rules to trigger those conditions which, depending on the complexity, might need to be governed by other sets of rules to prevent conflicts with the entire structure that determines the desired search results. Some of the recent changes that were glaring and humorous are "tells" to other conditions in the updates and even separates them visually because they are always related.

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A New Look For Google Search Results?

Posted By Admin on Wednesday 08 June 2011
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A rearranged layout and cleaner appearance showed up in search results while using Internet Explorer Version 8 today that has the site URL cited underneath the Title Link. IE9 and other popular browsers still display the original SERP structure, with the site URL appearing in green across the bottom of the description.
Results with the site URL beneath the link, rather than description.

It was officially announced that a recent change in the algorithm of Google's search is meant to determine original content sources and reduce search engine spam which is often the result of misused "Fair Use" regulations. In terms of fair use and distribution, bits of original content are all over the place that, in very rare cases, get reassembled in similar ways or are direct copies, copies that, due to some ranking advantage, got credit and traffic for the duplicated content. In past cases when a website has the right to use a portion of another's page(s) or use it as a basis for a new work and it happens to be a mega giant of pagerank, the more obscure of the two loses out, you know what happens. Many reputable sources report HUGE decrease in traffic.

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2010 Open Source CMS Survey and Study

Posted By Str82u on Saturday 11 December 2010
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A study and survey of top open source content management system that involved many SEO related factors was recently published by water&stone, a design agency with a focus on marketing. The report covers several areas of interest ranging from search engine presence to books in print and offers insights into potential influences there may have been on their results including sites that actively promoted the user survey portion of the research. Conclusions derived from the collected information and graphical representations compliment the whitepaper which can be downloaded in PDF format by developers and end users without registration or surrendering an email address.... Click Here For More ...
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