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Changing Domains

Posted By I Have You Admin on Wednesday 03 March 2010
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Over the last few weeks we worked to obtain a new .com TLD for a .net domain/website that is doing very well and becoming popular and relevant to common searches. The new location, has been live for nearly one week at this writing and had begun showing indexed pages and hopefully SERPs of it's own soon.

On the subject of moving a website from one domain to another, here are a few of the steps we took, some of which are found using Google's help section inside webmaster tools.... Click Here For More ...

County Jail Inmate Search

Posted By Str82u on Wednesday 02 December 2009
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Trying to build the perfect free site has been the goal of marketers since we started using browsers. So far, results are as expected with, Google has most pages indexed and traffic is showing up from organic key word searches. That is exciting to see, especially in the beginning stages of content development. At this time, I'm killing time writing this instead of researching pages for Florida county jails. Everyone has an "angle" or technique in professional terms. How's this one, research and honest work to provide a genuine resource and then market on it, not because of it. Previous articles mention how to get your links for directory pages, here's a updated procedure I've been following:

  • Locate official or authoritative site(s).

  • Run keyphrase combinations through SEO Book's keyword suggestion tool. When checking yours, keep in mind related synonyms sinnce it's reported Google ranks for that and as long as you aren't diluting the major keywords by repeating a phrase.

  • Collect urls from most relevant pages, including title, to check page rank. Alexa scores don't affect us much because there is no option to exclude a site, remember, being honest about this means including everything that applies to your niche.

  • Create text links with or without titles, if there are more than 10 links to outside domains, we go with none, and in addition, my personal SEO preference is to add the "target" attribute after the address and NEVER using "_blank".

Back to work to make more news, reporting on county jail inmate search is more fun now that we are getting real visitors.

Keep it str8!

oes tsetnoc

Posted By Str82u on Thursday 15 October 2009
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I suppose this could be our entry for the contest, but it's not since we aren't trying to push SEO backwards. You can see the registered page in progress at as it comes along. The content needed to be fresher than the start date of the contest so it's on a new domain instead. What better way to test skill and "oes tsetnoc" might than doing it from scratch; no backlinks, paid traffic, no nothing. Not to mention effecting the pagerank of any site you are trying to win with.

The competition is fierce, our entry is a little late, coming in about 20 days after starting, so there was no chance to grab a killer domain name, another reason for the domain name.
Design Ideas: The site itself is going to be .php based, using alot of includes to control certain aspects of the build. Another "trick" that ties in will be rotating most of the content positions. DID YOU CATCH THAT? The template for the pages have over ??? points that call content, including the < head >metatags< /head >,. All of the points are rotator scripts leading to text files with ??? items, some of those being dynamic as well.
No math has be done on this yet. Once everything is solid, it should fun to reveal the total combinations for each page and the site totals. This can't be an original idea, it's actually a trick one one of the network sites to keep the ads fresh, but the results sere that the page APPEARS to have been there for months, but has fresh content when spidered.

If you're game and want to get into the oes tsetnoc contest, DO IT! The prize for number one on the SERP at Google is $1000 and some killer bragging rights. 2nd and 3rd results get big money and pride too, indented results don't count.

Oh, big rule, only ONE page/url from the site can be entered, no multiples. Good Luck!

Making a Site Grow with Link Pages

Posted By Str82u on Friday 24 July 2009
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One easy trick for generating pages and content are the 50 United States and neighboring countries. Many topics (niches) can be broken down and listed by these to create an instant 50+ page site. How do you add more?... Related subjects. Take into consideration any associations search engines might make with keywords and phrases for alike niche sites (ex: people search, find people, phone and address search). Using a few other terms allows the possibility of ranking for a similar search and thins out the text links on a page to prevent looking like we're spamming search engines, which is what we are trying to do but by providing RELEVANT content. Which means doing some serious finger action and research.
Starting with the basic page template for a site, you want to choose the particular ANGLE to go for, refer to the article "Steps to Create Niche Pages". In this article, we are working with to not only create a niche links page, but to add to the overall size and power of the site. Obviously the niche here is "free people search", so we only need to choose a page name (free-people-search) title, keywords and so forth to begin. That done, it's on to the method.... Click Here For More ...
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