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Site Updates is now STR82U.COM

Posted By I Have You Admin on Wednesday 03 March 2010
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After nearly 10 years of being, the website was moved overnight to it's permenant home; STR82U.COM ( The .com extention has been reserved for this purpose twice; inexperience and poor management caused the (.com) domain to fall into the hands of "squatters" who eventually profitted $500 from that mistake. After a period of parking, and a few ideas for different concepts being entertained, the decision to upgrade TLDs was only natural and fair to a faithful website and companion. has been successful in a niche marketing based on the keyphrase "free people search", none as much as county jails and inmate search, which actually started out as a dispute due to more unwise decisions. The site itself has been a test subject for beta trials and experiments in search engine optimization before being placed on "Dont Screw This Up" status early in 2007. Design and layout upgrades were also considered but put on hold pending the transition; opting to keep differences to a minimum now and risk mistakes later.

As a goal, the site's growth and development as a narrow subject directory is a possibility, reaching a larger audience to share a resource that equally benefits the user and designer/developer . Other web properties spawned by the original site includes our personal seo tools used in search engine optimization and a directory in progress that we hope to have as much pride in as we do STR82U, now with dot com goodness.

Keep it Str8!
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Is C Class Hosting SEO or Getting Too Smart

Posted By Str82u on Tuesday 07 July 2009
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How many newsletters do you get a day with nearly every one telling you what to do to "double", "triple or some other "multiple" your traffic? Certainly more than you subscribe to. One of the best tips of the past came from a webhost in the form of advertising a new service for multiple Cname hosting at an average cost of $5 per month per domain. YEAH, I'm gonna believe that. After trying the Web Jost Manager, they proved to had the right idea. Traffic increased noticably with the only change to group of sites being the server/IP address.

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Stop Losing To Invalid Clicks

Posted By JanetWeasel on Saturday 13 June 2009
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After fighting the urge to improve, it finally comes down to facing the beast and replacing a few links that don't go to valid advertisers pages anymore and actually find links for the pages that have none. The changes themselves aern't the hard part, it's going through the advertisers catalog to find relevant links for each of the unique pages. One of the last changes made to this site were updating the search box advertisment, it seemed that changing a large quantity of pages at once may have caused a temporary dip in popularity, so this time the changes will be made and uploaded a few pages at a time.

Tracking the links was easy enough and from a couple angles. One is from the current third party advertiser of the products, the other is installed, AXS Visitor Tracking. The outgoing links are tagged with a string that leads through the tracking script and is one of the few uses this script has of this kind. It does not track forms at all. The tracking also shows other popular pages needing to be varified for correct advertising content.

This project does have a common theme outside of the advertiser being the same, the links are mostly to vital records of some sort or complete collections of data for each of the individual states. Basically, a search run on the advertiser for the name of each state usually gives a list long enough to find what fits the page.

Getting the site started

Posted By I Have You Admin on Friday 02 January 2009
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Gonna start keeping track of what is done to sites and make notes about SEO trick experiments that we see results with and those we don't, as well as how it was done. Right now the site of focus is Bionic Domain, free people search, not quite 6 million dollars, but enough. There is the first trick mentioned on the site, backlinks, getting a link back to your site is important, I'll ramble about it periodically, maybe make a category for it eventually, there are enough things to do to generate back links that they can't all come to mind at once.
Enough of that, I may have to make a few more news items just to fill the main page, thanks and good hunting.
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